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Términos competitivos con pagos de solo interés hasta la maduración.

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Incluidos inversionistas sin historial, nuevos negocios o extranjeros sin experiencia.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans are essentially short-term loans, secured by a tangible asset. Many real estate investors consider them a good alternative to traditional lending for a variety of reasons, with the most important being the ease and speed of the transaction. Due to the competitive nature of the real estate investment industry, the ability to close quickly is a huge advantage for an investor vying for a hot property. Smart investors know that presenting an all-cash offer to a seller can increase the likelihood of securing the deal.

Additionally, hard money lenders are a practical solution for borrowers when conventional banks turn them down. Investors who lack sufficient liquid assets or have questionable or no credit history can borrow against the physical property and not their personal financial assessment. Having the loan backed by the real estate or “hard asset” considerably reduces the risk to the lender. Furthermore, new investors without a successful track record of rehabbing are more likely to get funding with a private real estate loan.​

These loans typically range from 6 to 24 months and normally have a fixed rate, while points and closing costs might vary.

How to get Hard Money Loan in Tampa

Obtaining financing from a hard money lender is a much simpler process than with a traditional bank. While it’s necessary to complete an application, the paperwork requirements are more streamlined. Hard money lenders typically require the basic, two months of bank statements, and a driver’s license. More importance is placed on the value of the asset, projected project timeline, and investor experience over a borrower’s personal assets, credit, and income. It is important to be well-organized, have all documentation verified and in order before approaching a potential lender, as most prefer to work with experienced lenders.

Tampa Hard Money Loan Programs

Fix and flip loans, residential and commercial bridge loans, rental investment loans for multi-family and single-family properties, and new construction for resale are the most common types of investor loans. These can be established as refinance, purchase, or cash-out loans. It is the borrower’s responsibility to have enough knowledge to determine the type of loan that fits, based on which would be the best financial move.
bridge loans

Préstamo Puente ​

Un Préstamo Puente es una opción de financiamiento a corto plazo para solucionar problemas de liquidez de inversionistas mientras buscan vender la propiedad o refinanciar con un préstamo a largo plazo.
Fix and Flip Loans

Préstamo de Remodelación​

Los préstamos de renovación son préstamos a corto plazo que utilizan los inversionistas inmobiliarios para comprar y mejorar una propiedad. Éstas mejoras pueden ser desde renovaciones menores a una reconstrucción completa.
New Construction loans

Prestamo de Construcción​

Un préstamo de construcción es un préstamo a corto plazo que se utiliza para financiar la construcción o renovación de una vivienda o proyecto inmobiliario.

Rental Loan

Préstamo de Renta ​

Un préstamo de renta está diseñado para inversionistas que buscan opciones a largo plazo con un interés atractivo. En este tipo de préstamos, la evaluación proviene principalmente del flujo de caja de la propiedad (DSCR Ratio) y no del individuo.

Land Loan

Préstamo Para Terrenos​

Un préstamo para terrenos, es un préstamo a corto plazo con la finalidad de vender, refinanciar o construir una propiedad. Inversionistas en busca de prestamos de construcción, que todavía no tienen planos y permisos aprobados, utilizan el préstamo puente como opción de financiamiento temporal.

Commercial loans

Préstamo Commercial​

Un Préstamo Puente (Comercial) es una opción de financiamiento a corto plazo para solucionar problemas de liquidez de inversionistas mientras buscan vender la propiedad o refinanciar con un préstamo a largo plazo.

How is RBI Mortgages different from other Private Money Lenders in Tampa, FL?

Tampa, Florida has gained popularity with real estate investors, due to its affordability, and ranks seventh for prime investment opportunities in the U.S. The Tampa Bay Area has a strong economy, as it’s home to four Fortune 500 companies, and 19 firms with over a billion in annual revenues, making it one of the hottest housing markets. Tampa consistently ranks among the top 20 fastest growing metros in the country and is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations.

With property values much more affordable than other areas, it is at the top of Florida locations for buying rental properties. Another bonus is that housing prices have shown steady growth over the past few years, making for a strong likelihood that Tampa properties will appreciate in the future.

RBI Mortgages knows the Tampa Bay real estate market and offers the best solutions for borrowers looking for cash and/or a fast closing. When comparing loan rates, RBI Mortgages has some of the most competitive rates in Tampa. New and affordable investors will discover we understand the lending market and are committed to offering the highest level of customer service.

Why Use Fix and Flip Loans ?

Fix-and-flip loans are designed to cover the entire cost of a rehab project. Investors should have a strong grasp on the numbers before shopping for a loan. Compiling the purchase price, renovation costs, and after repair value (ARV) of the asset helps to determine the loan-to-value (LTV), or the amount required for down payment, mortgage rates, and risk to the lender. Generally, lenders base the loan amount on an LTV at or around 65% of the appraised property value. If the “hard asset” or property is valued at around $200k, the loan offered might be in the $130k to $145k range.

Real estate investors should look closely at the cost-to capital, evaluate points, percentages, and closing costs to determine the profit margin and whether a lender’s terms will conform to the rest of the deal. Will there be enough margin to make the deal work? Is the loan consistent with the investment deal? Even the most experienced investors consistently shop around for lenders and loan options, always looking for a great referral.


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Preguntas más frecuentes

¿Hacen préstamos personales?
No, no hacemos préstamos personales, solo para inversión en compra o desarrollo de inmuebles ubicados en los Estados Unidos

¿Qué tipo de préstamos inmobiliarios hacen?
RBI otorga créditos inmobiliarios tanto para la compra de inmuebles (para alquiler o segunda residencia), así como las reformas para su posterior reventa. También financiamos el desarrollo inmobiliario y hacemos préstamos Bridge para favorecer la continuidad del negocio.

¿Cuál es la tasa de interés y el término del préstamo?
Por lo general, las tasas de préstamos son de 9% y 1,75% puntos. Los términos de financiamiento son de 12 a 36 meses.

¿Cuál es el tipo de préstamo?
La mayoría de nuestros préstamos son solo de interés, lo que significa que se paga un interés fijo durante todo el plazo y el saldo total al vencimiento. Por ejemplo, un $100,000 con un plazo de 12 meses y una tasa del 9% generará 12 pagos mensuales de $750 y un pago final de $100,000

¿Qué sucede si vendo la propiedad o prepago el préstamo antes del vencimiento?
En la mayoría de nuestros préstamos no hay penalidad por pago anticipado.


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