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The Dos and Don’ts of Pursuing Private Lending for Fix and Flip Projects

Some projects, property purchases, and investments are uniquely suited for fast financing. And while hard money loans such as fix and flip, bridge, rental, land, new construction, and commercial loans provide quick financing, there are things you should look for – and look out for – when pursuing private lending. In this blog, we’ll focus […]

The Ins and Outs of Bridge Loan Financing

Are you looking for a bridge loan to help fund a new home purchase, remodel, or another real estate investment opportunity? If so, you must take the proper steps to secure a successful financial journey. A bridge loan is a temporary financing solution with a short term – typically ranging from a few weeks to […]

Get the Construction Loan You Need from a Private Hard Money Lender

As a property developer or home builder, you know that time is money. While you can choose from many construction loan lenders, private or hard money lenders offer significant advantages over a traditional mortgage lender. Here are just some of the advantages of hard money loans: Interested? Read on…or contact us for details or book […]

Grow Your Fix & Flip Business with the Help of a Private or Hard Money Lender

If you’re a real estate investor and contractor, don’t let the current higher interest rates and the end of rapidly rising real estate prices discourage you from fix and flip projects! You can profit even in the current market with the right mindset and strategies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a substantial […]

Economic and Real Estate Outlook for March 2023

By Ernesto Rostoker and Michael J. Seiler With a two consecutive quarter increase in real GDP1 and what appears to be an effective monetary policy of steadily increasing interest rates in an attempt to quell inflationary pressures, we have a tempered confidence in the economy. Inflation remains at too high a level, currently 6.4 percent […]

Economic and Real Estate Outlook for December 2022

By Ernesto Rostoker and Michael J. Seiler The key topic of debate and greatest concern has been and continues to be inflation. Although off its 40-year high of 9.1 percent in June, year-over-year inflation in October was still 7.7 percent,1 far exceeding the long-run target of roughly 2 percent.2 The greatest contributor to the Consumer […]

Investing in Alternative Investments: Mortgage Pools

By Leonardo Rostoker and Michael J. Seiler Traditional investments such as the stock market have witnessed unprecedented volatility in recent years. Since January, families have seen their life savings decrease by roughly 25 percent. Employees gearing up for retirement now have to delay their plans to spend more time with family and travel the world. […]

Our US Economic Outlook

By Ernesto Rostoker, CEO, RBI Private Lending,, and Michael J. Seiler, Professor, College of William & Mary, According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the US economy remains on shaky ground as real GDP declined -0.6 percent in the second quarter after a decline of -1.6 percent in the first quarter of 2022. […]